Electric Propulsion

From station-keeping, orbit-raising, or primary propulsion, our electric propulsion solutions include space-qualified thrusters (XIPS) and power processing units (PPU). Our technical legacy can be found on NASA’s Deep Space 1 and Dawn space crafts.

Space: The Power Behind a Better Satellite

With Stellant, we’re always looking to push the limit. While our products may serve a prescribed function and market, they can also fulfill yet-to-be imagined or discovered needs. Have a special requirement? Go farther with us and let us rise to the challenge.

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Stellant has been a world leader in the development and production of Xenon Ion Propulsion Systems (XIPS) for more than fifty years. Stellant currently has more than 116 25-cm ion thrusters in orbit with over 280,000 accumulated failure-free flight hours. Our 8-cm thruster is based on space-qualified in-orbit flight heritage technology and is designed for small satellite applications.

The power processing unit (PPU) controls the thruster and interfaces with the satellite system by taking raw satellite bus power and conditions this power to the power levels needed by the thruster. The PPU also provides timing and sequencing for thruster on and off commands, performs fault-protection to avoid damage to the thruster and any of the spacecraft components, and provides telemetry for measuring thruster performance and subsystem state of health.


  • 8cm, 13cm, 25cm and 30cm designs available
  • 10x more efficient than traditional chemical propulsion systems
  • Proven reliability with more than 150 units in space and over 400K on-orbit hours
  • Ideal technology for station-keeping, orbit raising or primary propulsion