Inductive Output Tubes (IOTs)

Stellant’s inductive output tubes (IOT) are designed for high-power, continuous operation at up to 30 kW average output power in 8 VSB or COFDM modulation schemes. We provide IOTs for a variety of applications, and all IOTs fit in Stellant’s corresponding trolley systems.

Markets (Industrial, Medical & Scientific)

With Stellant, we’re always looking to push the limit. While our products may serve a prescribed function and market, they can also fulfill yet-to-be imagined or discovered needs. Have a special requirement? Go farther with us and let us rise to the challenge.

  • Medical & Scientific: Saving and Improving Lives

    Our systems can be found in critical medical treatments, food processing industry products, synthetic diamond creation, and more. Simply put, we make lives better.

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  • Industrial: Powering Industries and Connections

    Building the foundation to power industries and connections throughout society is simply part of our ethos.

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