Traveling Wave Tubes (TWTs) - Defense

Stellant has delivered over 20,000 traveling wave tubes (TWTs) for defense purposes as the leading supplier of TWTs for SATCOM radar and instrumentation applications. We focus on high reliability and optimized performance for all environments, especially those that are harsh.

Defense: Operation and Durability

At Stellant, we’re always looking to push the limit. While our products may serve a prescribed function and market, they can also fulfill yet-to-be imagined or discovered needs. Have a special requirement? Go farther with us and let us rise to the challenge.

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TWTs convert DC power to radio-frequency power by synchronizing the radio-frequency wave with an electron beam traveling in a vacuum. Our TWTs range in frequency from C-band to Q-band and millimeter wave helix. They can also be used for ground broadcast stations, guidance systems, and military aircraft radar.