Traveling Wave Tubes (TWTs) - Space

Stellant Systems’ traveling wave tubes (TWTs) are key components for space-based communications satellites. We have delivered more than 4,700 space TWTs and have over five decades of experience developing TWTs for space-based applications.

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If you listen to SirusXM satellite radio, pay for gasoline with a credit card, watch DIRECTV (R) satellite television programming, make long-distance telephone calls, or watch TV broadcasts from other parts of the world, our TWT products help make that possible!

A traveling wave tube (TWT) is an electron device used for radio-frequency amplification at microwave frequencies (above 500 MHz) and is the primary means of signal amplification used in communication satellites. TWTs are also used for ground broadcast stations, guidance systems and military aircraft radar. TWTs convert DC power to radio-frequency power.

Our space-qualified TWTs products range from L-band to V- band, to better serve the high-throughput satellite, with output powers from .5 to more than 250 watts.