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Amplifier Systems

PST designs RF Amplifier systems using our modules as building blocks. These systems are available from 1MHz to 18GHz and up to multi-kilowatts output power levels.

We offer standard and custom systems that will meet your requirements

specialized medical,  satellite, and R&D laboratory markets.

Amplifier Systems


Model NumberFrequency(MHz)Power Output (W)Amplifier Systems Product Sheet
Pulse Systems
BHCDP928978-40009200 - 97004000Download PDF
Class AB Linear Rack-Mountable
BHCDP9881058-60009800 - 100006000Download PDF
BHE25869-502500 - 600050Download PDF
BHE2758-50020 - 500500Download PDF
BHE2969-2002000 - 6000200Download PDF
BHE4819-1000400 - 10001000Download PDF
BHE4819-500400 - 1000500Download PDF
BHE5819-1000500 - 10001000Download PDF
BHED2719-12520 - 1000125Download PDF
BHED2719-20020 - 1000200Download PDF
BHED27258-20020 - 2500200Download PDF
BHED718778-5007120 - 7725500Download PDF
BHED78238-200700 - 2300200Download PDF
Pulse Systems
BMPC9X89X8-80009000 - 99008000Download PDF
BPC318358-130003100 - 350013000Download PDF
Medical Systems
SSPA2856-2402852 - 2860240Download PDF
Custom Designs
To Be Determined1.5 - 1800030000
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