Technology can take us far. And when it truly performs, it can transform your mission. Whether going deeper into space, around the globe, or within the human body, your technology must endure.

We’ve been there — and we’re still here, a premier manufacturer of critical spectrum and RF amplification systems for Defense, Space, Medical/ Scientific and Industrial customers worldwide.

Together, we can go farther.

Go the Distance.

From protecting America and its allied warfighters to providing key components for critical cancer treatments to ensuring secure, timely communications across the globe and the solar system, Stellant Systems helps our customers and partners meet a wide variety of mission needs.

  • Space: The Power Behind a Better Satellite

    Our legacy includes being the only domestic supplier of space-qualified TWTs and TWTAs - which can be found onboard more than 200 satellites today.

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  • Defense: Operation and Durability

    Whether in peace or conflict, Stellant’s solutions provide state-of-the-art power, bandwidth, and efficiency for airborne, naval, and ground-based applications.

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  • Medical & Scientific: Saving and Improving Lives

    Our systems can be found in critical medical treatments, food processing industry products, synthetic diamond creation, and more. Simply put, we make lives better.

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  • Industrial: Powering Industries and Connections

    Building the foundation to power industries and connections throughout society is simply part of our ethos.

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Brilliant minds go farther at Stellant.

Join the more than 800 team members across three manufacturing facilities who are building the foundation for a more safe, aware, and connected world.

Agility in Action


Stellant Systems Awarded U.S. Navy Contract to Repair AEGIS Combat System Amplifiers

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We’re more than just our products. From the missions and businesses we support, to our talented, diverse and forward-looking team of professionals who make every device, our commitment to excellence underscores our role as your partner in building lasting foundations.

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