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Traveling-Wave Tubes
for Defense Applications

Stellant has delivered over 30,000+ Traveling-Wave Tubes (TWTs) for various defense missions as the leading domestic supplier of TWTs. For over 60 years Stellant has been pushing the boundaries of physics to detect, protect and connect people through exceptional technology designed to last in the most harsh environments and sometimes for decades. At our sites in Torrance, CA and Williamsport, PA, scientists, engineers, technicians and operators share unrivalled knowledge and objectives, ensuring Stellant is powering a safer, more aware and connected world—with our tubes!

UHF to V-Band, output power from 20W to 200kW
Available TWTs
Coupled cavity
Helix and ring loop
Millimeter-Wave (mmW)
High Power Ring-Bar
Mini TWT
Millimeter-Wave TWT
Hellx TWT
Coupled Cavity TWTs
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