For Industrial, Medical & Scientific Applications

Stellant Thyratrons power an almost endless range of industrial applications. From food processing, agricultural production and mining to plastic recycling and diamond seeding, the technology is revolutionary. Everyday a patient is treated for cancer using Stellant’s technology. Our thyratrons are found around the world in radiotherapy systems . They power the linear accelerators that produce the high-energy x-rays that destroy cancer cells. We Save Lives!

Models and Technical Specifications
Product # High Voltage GapsTube Diameter (in)Typical WeightsOutline Drawing (typ)Peak Anode Voltage (kV)Peak Anode Current (A)Avg. Anode Current (ADC)Cathode Heater (V/A)Reservoir Heater (V/A)Cross ReferenceApplication
L466811.386 ozFigure 1163500.56.3/8.06.3/4.0HY-60Radar &
L466911.385 ozFigure 2123500.26.3/7.06.3/2.5HY-6, KU-71Radar & Gen'l Purp.
L4669 C11.385 ozFigure 2123500.26.3/7.06.3/2.5Radar & Gen'l Purp.
L48841213 oz Figure 3165000.56.3/11.5NAFX2522, HY-1A, 8613 Radar & Gen'l Purp.
L4884A1213 ozFigure 3 165000.56.3/11.5NAFX2522, HY-1ARadar
L4884B 1213 oz Figure 35000.5NACX-8503General Purpose
L4884C1213 ozFigure 3165000.56.3/11.5NAFX-2522,
L48971210 ozFigure 4205000.56.3/9.06.3/2.5HY-11T, 0265/F-265, FX2541Radar
L4897A1210 ozFigure 4205000.56.3/8.36.3/1.75HY-11General Purpose
L4897R1210 ozFigure 4205000.56.3/9.06.3/2.5Radar
L48981210 ozFigure 4125000.56.3/8.06.3/3.5HY-10, 0261, F-261Radar & Gen'l Purp.
L3101133 lb 3 ozFigure 5351000026.3/196.3/2.5Excimer laser
L4040LD131 lb 9 ozFigure 6331,0001.256.3/24NACX-1140LDMedical Accelerator
L4059131 lb 9 ozFigure 63310001.256.3/25NACX-1159Medical Accelerator
L4108234 lb 2 ozFigure 74410,0000.56.3/226.3/2.5Excimer laser
L4115132 lb 6 ozFigure 8352,0002.06.3/196.3/2.5Excimer laser
L4189132 lb 10 ozFigure 9352,0001.256.3/196.3/2.5HY-3189, LP-189,
Excimer laser
L4189A132 lb 10 ozFigure 9 352,0001.256.3/196.3/2.5F-189Excimer laser
L4189 B 132 lb 10 pzFigure 9352,0001.256.3/196.3/2.5Excimer laser
L4415132 lb 10 ozFigure 103510,0002.06.3/196.3/2.5Excimer laser
L4871132 lb 10 ozFigure 11255001.06.3/19NAFX-2519A,
Radar & Gen'l Purp.
L4885B132 lb. 10 ozFigure 12352,0002.06.3/196.3/2.57322/1802
L4904A134 lb 12 ozFigure 13351,7502.06.3/225.8/4.5CX-1154Medical Accelerator
L4906A132 lb 10 ozFigure 14352,0001.256.3/136.3/2.5F-205Excimer laser
L4915B132 lb 10 ozFigure 153510,0002.06.3/196.3/3.0
L4945A234 lb 2 ozFigure 16401,5002.06.3/196.3/2.5F229,LS-3229,
CX-2608Laser & Fast Switching
L4961132 lb 10 ozFigure 173512,5002.06.3/196.3/2.50246Laser & Fast Switching
L488314.55 lb 3 ozFigure 18404,0008.06.3/254.5/8.0HY-5Radar & Gen'l Purp.
L4883A14.55 lb 3 ozFigure 18404,0004.06.3/254.5/8.0HY-5GRadar & Gen'l Purp.
L4886A14.56 lb 2 ozFigure 19332,0004.06.3/284.5/8.0F-281Radar & Gen'l Purp.
L40222625 lb 15 ozFigure 205015,0008.06.3/754.5/30Industrial Accelerator
L48882625 lb 15 ozFigure 205515,0008.06.3/754.0/25CX-1536, CX-1210,
F-303Scientific Accelerator
L4888B2625 lb 15 ozFigure 205010,0008.06.3/754.0/25Scientific Accelerator
L4888D2625 lb 15 ozFigure 2055100008.06.3/754.0/18.8
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