Building the foundation to power industries and connections throughout society is simply part of our ethos.

Powering Industries and Connections

We keep society connected from more efficient ways of mass food production to clean drinking water to broadcasting information around the globe. And we go one step farther: at Stellant, we’re building the foundation that powers the most fundamental parts of human needs and connection — for what truly is full spectrum engagement. From our magnetrons which set the standards for performance and cost-effectiveness to award winning broadcast amplifiers, find our components behind most everyday needs.


  • Cooking/ Tempering/ Drying
  • Plasma Reactor, Sintering
  • Diamond/ Materials Processing
  • Water Purification, Sterilization
  • Broadcasting (TV stations)
  • Cargo Screening, Ship/Eng. Ign.
  • Laser Machining, Weather Radar
  • Green Energy/ Decarbonization
  • MW Accelerator, Catalyst Processes


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    Inductive Output Tubes

    Stellant’s inductive output tubes (IOT) are designed for high-power, continuous operation at up to 30 kW average output power in 8 VSB or COFDM modulation schemes.

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    Electronic Emitters

    We offer a comprehensive line of high-performance electronic emitters (e-guns), which can be used in industrial, medical, and research applications.

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    We are a leader in producing high-power state-of-the-art Clustered Cavity™ klystrons for the wide-band Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AWACS) ...

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    Stellant’s magnetrons set the standard for performance and cost-effectiveness thanks to their long-lasting high output levels and efficiency.

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    Stellant thyratrons are robust switching devices suitable for a wide variety of pulse power applications, including radars, particle accelerators, broadcast transmitters …

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