Crossed-Field Amplifiers (CFAs)

We are a world leader in crossed-field amplifier (CFA) production and development, delivering devices from L- to X-band, with power levels from 60 kW to 5 MW peak. Our CFAs are currently being produced for some of the world’s most advanced shipboard, airborne, and radar systems.

Defense: Operation and Durability

With Stellant, we’re always looking to push the limit. While our products may serve a prescribed function and market, they can also fulfill yet-to-be imagined or discovered needs. Have a special requirement? Go farther with us and let us rise to the challenge.

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Crossed-field amplifiers are non-linear saturated amplifiers characterized by high-efficiency, moderate gain and bandwidth, and low-noise performance. They are also relatively small and lightweight, operate at low voltages yet are capable of extremely high peak powers. For this reason, they are attractive choices for mobile, shipboard, and airborne radar applications.

Excellent phase coherency, control, and linearity make the CFA an excellent choice for phased-array applications. At Stellant Systems, the latest technology serves as a starting point for continuous innovation. We employ the most experienced CFA engineers and physicists, and strive to produce better products through advanced material, design, and technique development. In the cases where a customer requires a device with a tailored specification, scaling of an existing CFA to meet the requirements can be accomplished.