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Stellant Thyratrons power an almost endless range of industrial applications. From food processing, agricultural production and mining to plastic recycling and diamond seeding, the technology is revolutionary.
Models and Technical Specifications
Product # High Voltage GapsTube Diameter (in)Typical WeightsOutline Drawing (typ)Peak Anode Voltage (kV)Peak Anode Current (A)Avg. Anode Current (ADC)Cathode Heater (V/A)Reservoir Heater (V/A)Cross ReferenceApplicationNotes
L466811.386 ozFigure 1163500.56.3/8.06.3/4.0HY-60Radar &
L466911.385 ozFigure 2123500.26.3/7.06.3/2.5HY-6, KU-71Radar & Gen'l Purp.
L4669 C11.385 ozFigure 2123500.26.3/7.06.3/2.5Radar & Gen'l Purp.
L48841213 oz Figure 3165000.56.3/11.5NAFX2522, HY-1A, 8613 Radar & Gen'l Purp.5, 9 *
L4884A1213 ozFigure 3 165000.56.3/11.5NAFX2522, HY-1ARadar5, 9 *
L4884B 1213 oz Figure 35000.5NACX-8503General Purpose5, 9
L4884C1213 ozFigure 3165000.56.3/11.5NAFX-2522,
5, 9
L48971210 ozFigure 4205000.56.3/9.06.3/2.5HY-11T, 0265/F-265, FX2541Radar
L4897A1210 ozFigure 4205000.56.3/8.36.3/1.75HY-11General Purpose
L4897R1210 ozFigure 4205000.56.3/9.06.3/2.5Radar
L48981210 ozFigure 4125000.56.3/8.06.3/3.5HY-10, 0261, F-261Radar & Gen'l Purp.
L3101133 lb 3 ozFigure 5351000026.3/196.3/2.5Excimer laser
L4040LD131 lb 9 ozFigure 6331,0001.256.3/24NACX-1140LDMedical Accelerator 2, 5, 9, 15
L4059131 lb 9 ozFigure 63310001.256.3/25NACX-1159Medical Accelerator2, 5, 9, 15
L4108234 lb 2 ozFigure 74410,0000.56.3/226.3/2.5Excimer laser1, 2, 4
L4115132 lb 6 ozFigure 8352,0002.06.3/196.3/2.5Excimer laser
L4189132 lb 10 ozFigure 9352,0001.256.3/196.3/2.5HY-3189, LP-189,
Excimer laser
L4189A132 lb 10 ozFigure 9 352,0001.256.3/196.3/2.5F-189Excimer laser
L4189 B 132 lb 10 pzFigure 9352,0001.256.3/196.3/2.5Excimer laser
L4415132 lb 10 ozFigure 103510,0002.06.3/196.3/2.5Excimer laser11

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