Stellant thyratrons are robust switching devices suitable for a wide variety of pulse power applications, including radars, particle accelerators, broadcast transmitters, and medical and industrial lasers.


At Stellant, we’re always looking to push the limit. While our products may serve a prescribed function and market, they can also fulfill yet-to-be imagined or discovered needs. Have a special requirement? Go farther with us and let us rise to the challenge.

  • Defense: Operation and Durability

    Whether in peace or conflict, Stellant’s solutions provide state-of-the-art power, bandwidth, and efficiency for airborne, naval, and ground-based applications.

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  • Medical & Scientific: Saving and Improving Lives

    Our systems can be found in critical medical treatments, food processing industry products, synthetic diamond creation, and more. Simply put, we make lives better.

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We offer standard models from < 2” to 6” diameter with a variety of options available. Please contact the factory for special requirements for Excelitas cross references. Thyratrons are not vacuum tubes but are gas-filled devices capable of performing high-speed switching of high voltages/currents. Our thyratron engineering team has extensive experience supporting a wide range of applications.