Stellant Systems, Inc. Wins $8 million in Contracts for Production of High-Power Solid-State Power Amplifiers

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TORRANCE, CA., June 17, 2024 — Stellant Systems, Inc. (Stellant) a premier manufacturer of critical spectrum and RF amplification products recently announced that its Power Systems Technology (Stellant PST) business was awarded $8 million for multiple contracts for the procurement of its high-power Solid-State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs). The awards were received from several major domestic prime contractors.

These highly integrated amplifiers, which utilize the latest in solid-state GaN transistor & semiconductor technology are essential transmit and receive elements in complex data communication systems for both legacy and new applications. They are a result of Stellant’s investments made to the surface mount and chip/wire technologies and the people that design and produce these state-of-the-art products.

All production will be performed at Stellant’s PST 46,000 sq. ft. facility in Melville, New York. Stellant’s PST site in Melville is a comprehensive certified facility where SSPAs can be manufactured by a highly trained and dedicated workforce using modern manufacturing techniques.

Stellant now offers a complete line of RF/ Microwave amplification products including Traveling-Wave Tubes/ Amplifiers, Solid-State Power Amplifiers, Microwave Power Modules, Active, Passive & RF Components. Stellant also manufactures products for Linear Accelerator Applications (LINAC) including Electron Emitters, Inductive Output Tubes, Klystrons, Magnetrons and Thyratrons.

Mike Hrybenko, Stellant PST Vice President & General Manager said, “These awards demonstrate our continued leadership position in providing high-power amplification technology and the ongoing demand for our high-power SSPAs utilized by major OEMs in both domestic and international markets.”

About Stellant Systems

Stellant Systems is a premier manufacturer of critical spectrum and RF power amplification products to the space, defense, medical, science and industrial LINAC markets for both domestic and international customers. Stellant has 5 domestic manufacturing facilities and approximately 1,100 employees.

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